Slightly Morbid Monday

by on October 7, 2007

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Here is the situation: the world is ending and you are all by yourself. Instant death is imminent but you are given the guarantee that it won’t completely end until you’ve finished listening to one song of your choice. Like a final meal before a death penalty, but without the pain and anxiety; imagine a scenario like the end of season 2 of Lost where the sky just turns white and boom your atoms disassociate and you join the universe in an infinitesimal implosion.

So the question is, what song do you pick? Would you spend your last moments alive dancing and rocking out all by yourself? Would you rather watch the big bang serenely and peacefully through a window while listening to your favorite emo song that is embarrassingly always on your iTunes 25 most played list? Or would you try to cheat the system and just pick the longest song you can think of while you frantically masturbate as many times as you can before it finishes? Send your choice for Last Song Ever to me and we’ll compile a playlist of the best songs to die to for next Monday.

Aphex Twin – Avril 14th (zshare)