Ah Wyntry Myx, Pt. 2

by on February 5, 2014

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Hey, y’all.

Have you noticed that this winter doesn’t seem to be letting up yet?

Do you think that maybe, on the contrary,  it might even be getting worse?

Today there was a near blizzard and I found myself covered in snow on a few separate occasions.

Anyways, here’s a little bit of midweek color to add to the generally grey palate that is Wynter Thyme. The #vagueboys over at Nyghte Myoozik bring to you the second installment of Ah Wyntry Myx.


A few tracks have been released from an upcoming EP by Yumi Zouma, and thus far they are all amazing. This song sounds like drinking wine in a stuffy room while it’s snowing outside, in the most pleasant way possible— restrained, but glowing. Listen.


Jerome Lol released a new EP today with four really great tracks. “Fool” featuring Angelina Lucero made its way into the last mix, and this one with Sara Z definitely deserves a follow up listen. This track is a perfect example of what Jerome Lol does best, and it will deff keep you bumping even in the coldest of weather.


If you haven’t checked out Banks yet, deff do so because her music is beautiful and haunting. This one is no exception, and it gets an added bonus thanks to production from Shlomo. The two play perfectly together and Shlomo’s distortion on the chorus gets weird, but also delightful.


This one is honestly just woah. Kelela never lets me down, although sometimes she’s pretty intense and gets me a little down. This is a scathing track. It’s raw and sparse, and Kelela’s voice is very much like thirty mile per hour winds at 2 AM in 2 degree weather.


I don’t know much about Dre Green, but this song is ICICLES. She could be pretty easily likened to a few of the other artists in this list, but I think she brings something her own to the table as well. The raspy voice and the reverb mix super well with Jeremiah Meece’s atmospheric/gauzy production job. V good.


I imagine that if Dan Deacon and Björk released a collab, it would have a similar feel to this track. Beat Culture creates a maximalist, noise laden space for Kid A to do her work, and what we end up with is a really perfect union. It takes time to build, but by the time you reach the middle you’ll be soaring.


Here is the second installment of our list. Hope this helps.

Tidings from the crew. Stay warm+cool+hydrated

w/ <3, #veguebois