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Why, hello there! I’m Maria (she/they), and I’ll be your spring semester Programming Director. This summer, I’ve been in NYC interning for a podcast and working at a sushi restaurant in (non-colonial) Williamsburg. The life of a caucasian sushi waitress is stressful—take for example when I cried off my winged eyeliner in front of Florist—but ultimately rewarding. Just ask me what shoyu-koji is, I dare you.

Anyway, so much great music has come out this summer, it’s quite exciting. You don’t just have to listen to Drake these days! It’s wild, women are actually doing the heavy-lifting re: quality content production. Who’d’ve guessed it? They can’t even read! Let’s show our gratitude, shall we? Here’s ten summer ‘18 bops by women.


  • Like I Used To – Tinashe

“Like I Used To” is an unexpected gem, considering Tinashe just released an LP three months ago. The lyrics both mourn the end of a relationship and celebrate change, making the track good for a lively weekend or a lonely weeknight.


  • Crying on the Subway – Hana Vu

Hana Vu exudes sleepy cool, and her bedroom pop perfectly captures a humid afternoon of subway-hopping and summer depression. Funky guitars mimic the funk of both.


  • Color Theory – Kari Faux

“Color Theory” is a sleek jam that immediately sticks in your head. Kari Faux’s verses flow beautifully into the refrain, and the production’s warm voices and synths complement the song’s brighter ‘70s nostalgia.


  • God is a woman – Ariana Grande

Our favorite queen-under-five-one demands our worship again. While “God is a woman” may be a little less catchy than “no tears left to cry,” it’s still as moody and sexy.


  • Teenage Fantasy – Jorja Smith

This is a complex song, full of Jorja’s personality, off a record that’s jazzy bops all day. The melody is sexy, but the lyrics warn you not to jump into desire: ”There’s no need to rush, take your time / Life’s a big old ride, sit back and enjoy the vibe.”


  • Boys – Lizzo

“Boys” shamelessly panders to the gays, but we’re not complaining. It’s funky (à la Pharrell), danceable, and surging with Lizzo’s personality.


  • SUMMER – The Carters

Beyoncé* proves yet again that she can make any song almost uncomfortably erotic. And, as usual, her performance makes the track: her unfailingly memorable inflections graft the melody in your brain.

*Okay, technically Jay-Z is also part of this track, but we all know who’s carrying the thing.


  • Tightrope – Petal

“Tightrope” isn’t exactly summer-y, but Petal’s Pennsylvania twang makes me so nostalgic for suburban high school summers that I have to include her here. The simple, gritty guitars and overall Jenny Lewis vibes will charm you too.


  • Is It Cold in the Water? – SOPHIE

This one is a great contrast to “SUMMER”: it’s not a cool day at the beach, but a manic, stormy night on a cliff edge. SOPHIE’s production demands your full attention without exhausting you—it pushes you near the water without letting you fall in.


  • Focus – Charli XCX

First of all, if you’re not focusing on Charli right now, wtf are you doing, you’re missing all the bangers. Second, if Charli’s weird robo-erotic (?) melody doesn’t hit you right in the pleasure center, you’re either a Baby Boomer or lying.


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