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Something To Be Thankful For

We at WRMC hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving. If you didn’t, perhaps you will look back on it more fondly when you realize that the Roots and the Dirty Projectors performed together last week at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC. That’s double the drum kits (technically triple when considering the fact that Quest Love… Read More

New Music Wednesdays featuring Solange Knowles

Most people recognize Solange Knowles (right) as being Ms. Best Video of the Year (Beyonce Knowles)’s younger sister. Some (probably not many) may recognize Solange Knowles as the essential voice to the theme song of Disney’s Proud Family. She has come a long way since then having collaborated with various underground rappers such as Theophilus… Read More

Ever Wanted To Be The Kind of Person Who Listened to Jazz?

Not only “listened to jazz,” but also had some general knowledge of the tunes being listened to? Well I know I did, so when I came across this NPR commentary on Gary Giddins and Scott DeVeaux’s guide to jazz music (so aptly titled Jazz) I knew my prayers had been answered. As well as covering… Read More

The Delights of The Gamut Room: You and Yourn

In the history of male/female indie duos (She & Him, Matt & Kim, The White Stripes) rarely do we find a pair that are happily in marriage. Today, I present to you the first! (Well, there is Avey Tare and Kria Brekken but we know how Pitchfork feels about them… ) So yes! Today is… Read More

New Music Wednesdays featuring Luke Lalonde

Yo WRMC peoples. Today is Wednesday i.e. Hump Day so we figure you wouldn’t mind learning about a new tune to carry you across the rest of your week. Today’s tune is “Big Run” by Luke Lalonde (lead singer of the Born Ruffians). This single was released as a part of the Canadian music project… Read More

1,2… 1,2,3,4!!!

4 Conditions To Be Met for a Guaranteed Awesome Show: A really f*cking awesome band. Songs you can sing (rather shout) along to. Songs you can rhythmically convulse to. A band that demands your participation in the collective concert experience. Now, hm… what awesome Brooklyn duo could be playing in Burlington next week that has… Read More

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