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Why, hello there! I’m Maria (she/they), and I’ll be your spring semester Programming Director. This summer, I’ve been in NYC interning for a podcast and working at a sushi restaurant in (non-colonial) Williamsburg. The life of a caucasian sushi waitress is stressful—take for example when I cried off my winged eyeliner in front of Florist—but… Read More

Album Review

Album Review: Lavender, by Half Waif

Listening to Lavender is like reading a fantasy novel before “maturity” ruined that for you. Nandi Plunkett—A.K.A. Half Waif—crafts haunting melodies that suspend you in a dusky dreamworld. She takes on the role of this world’s troubadour, disturbed by her travels, by homesickness, by a very beautiful kind of sadness. We follow her as she… Read More

Album Review

WRMC’s 2017 Year in Review

Here lies 2017, the year she told you not to worry about. And look what came of it: 2017 took your net neutrality, brought Charles Murray to campus, and made your annoying twelve-year-old cousin Bitcoin rich. And what’s your consolation prize? A fidget spinner in your stocking and tide pods for Christmas dinner. More seriously—2017… Read More

Meet the Exec Board: Maria Bobbitt-Chertock (’20)

  Hey, I’m Maria (she/her), and I’ll be your spring semester tech director (I think that’s got a pretty nice ring to it)! This summer I’m back home in suburban Ohio, working in the Kenwood Mall food court. I make smoothies, juices, and sandwiches, employ deceptive corporate language (e.g., “It’s fresh frozen fruit” and “It’s… Read More

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