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Album Review


Weirdly, the first thing to pop into my head after listening to Kelela’s new album, Take Me Apart, was Vin Diesel. More specifically, the infamous scene from his 2002 extreme sports/cyberpunk-lite flick XXX, in which he jumps over an exploding building on a motorbike. The stunt, filmed with nine different cameras, shows his leap from nearly… Read More


WRMC’s Community Music Spotlight is an ongoing series, profiling new projects by artists/bands from the Middlebury and greater Addison County community. If you are a local band/artist, or know one with a new project we should write about, email wrmc911@gmail.com! Any student that works with Assistant Director of Student Activities Dave Kloepfer knows that he’s… Read More

A Reflection on Blind Fandom and XXXTENTACION’s 17

CW: violence, abuse   Artistry and personal behavior are inseparable. I used to convince myself that the way an artist behaves behind closed doors has nothing to do with their music. I’d like to still believe this so I could enjoy R. Kelly as much as I used to—but I can’t. I want to listen… Read More


Meet the Exec Board – Jeremy Alben (’18)

Oh, hey. I’m Jeremy (he/him) and I’m on concerts committee next year. I’m from Seattle, WA and was raised on the whiny tones of Death Cab, the angst of Soundgarden and the genre-bending generational talents of Macklemore (I joke I joke). I’m currently living and cooking in Brooklyn toiling away the prime years of my… Read More


Meet the Exec Board – Ethan Reilly (’18)

Hey!!! I’m Ethan (he/him), your WRMC Business Director for 2017-18. I hail from the mystical land of Just Outside of Boston and I’m spending the summer working in the mystical land of Just Outside of Boston (though slightly less Outside of Boston—a clarification that seems to matter to us JOBs for whatever reason). In my… Read More



Hey kids, I’m Maddy (she/her). I’ll be your Programming Director for the spring semester. This summer I’m living at home in Newburyport, MA and interning at a branding firm where there are multiple greyhounds that roam freely around the office. When I’m off the 9-5 grind you can find me lying on the beach listening… Read More


Meet the Exec Board – Drew Buchser (’18)

Hey! I’m Drew (he/him) and I’m the Creative Director for the fall. I spent this summer in NYC but I’m from New Jersey originally. I’m always keeping up with new music, especially pop/r&b/folky stuff. Here are some songs and albums that have made my 2017 pretty good~ Songs! Thinking of a Place – The War… Read More



Hey! I’m Walker (he/him) and right now I’m your WRMC summer manager! I’m from Portland, Oregon and some of my hobbies include (but aren’t limited to) lurking on twitter and frying my attention span by watching 30 minute compilations of shitty vines. Come spring semester I’ll be a music director and am very excited to be… Read More


Meet the Exec Board – Jeff Holland (’19)

Hey, I’m Jeff (he/him) and I’ll be one of the two music directors for the fall semester. Feel free to ask me for new music to play on your show if you ever need some; it’s our job to encourage you to play new songs! I’m from Cleveland originally, but currently I’m at Middlebury’s Arabic… Read More


Kendrick Lamar // Humble

  Kendrick Lamar’s haunting, yet beautiful new music video for Humble warms the part of my heart that can’t stop Instagramming with the a6 filter on #vsco. It’s alarming and exposes a variety of black aesthetics pertaining to violence, endurance, pain, and sex. Directed by Dave Meyers & the Little Homies, the video is seductive… Read More

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