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Hell hello, I’m Jordana (she/her) and I’ll be one of your Music Directors for this year. I’m from a tiny town near New York City and am a general fan of most tiny things, as well as lemons, poetry, and of course ~music~. I’m stokkkkkkked to be part of WRMC exec this year and am… Read More

Meet the Exec Board: Maria Bobbitt-Chertock (’20)

  Hey, I’m Maria (she/they), and I’ll be your spring semester tech director (I think that’s got a pretty nice ring to it)! This summer I’m back home in suburban Ohio, working in the Kenwood Mall food court. I make smoothies, juices, and sandwiches, employ deceptive corporate language (e.g., “It’s fresh frozen fruit” and “It’s… Read More

Meet the Exec Board: Charlie Dulik (‘17.5)

Sup. I’m Charlie (he/him), your Programming Director for the fall semester. I’m from the Bay Area, but am working in Boston this summer/spending my free time seeing how much I can shit-talk Tom Brady. I’m excited to work with everyone on your shows in the fall, and to hear what you’ve been listening to. Please… Read More

Meet the Exec Board: Meghan Daly (’18)

Hey y’all! I’m Meg, I use she/her pronouns, and I’ll be your resident General Manager for the 2017-18 school year. (In the picture above I am the one not wearing polka dots.) I’m originally from Long Island, New York, but I’ve been spending my summer working as a nanny and interning at a literary magazine… Read More


On Nursery Trap and the Sexualization of Childhood

CW: Sexual Assault, CSA, Child Abuse Nursery trap, baby trap, whatever you choose to call it-the sexualization of children by any other name is still pedophilia. This new sub-genre fetishizes youth in a way that plays into the predatory way our society views children. For example, take Peekaboo by Lil Yachty (ft Migos). Yachty uses… Read More

New Music: April Edition

oh god please dear god why. Please make it stop But the new music, the bad blog posts, they never stopped Hey there you crazy kiddo- It’s your music dad here. I’m just sittin’ here in my flannel sipping on a Coors Light thinking about ya. I know my dad jeans are getting tighter by the… Read More


Kendrick Lamar // Humble

  Kendrick Lamar’s haunting, yet beautiful new music video for Humble warms the part of my heart that can’t stop Instagramming with the a6 filter on #vsco. It’s alarming and exposes a variety of black aesthetics pertaining to violence, endurance, pain, and sex. Directed by Dave Meyers & the Little Homies, the video is seductive… Read More

New Music: March Edition

March was a cutesy lil-monthsy! Longer/warmer days is fuckin sweet. For me it was a month of binge drinking Four Lokos to forget that I have a degree in a field I hate and will probably be unemployed on my mom’s couch for longer that I am comfortable with. But like, at least I can wear short… Read More


Upcoming Concerts: Spring 2017

  Spring Fever yet? Well, welcome to the Spring 2017 edition of WRMC’s concert guide to the Champlain Valley and beyond! Mud season, cold shifts, and freezing winds are no match for this season’s  line up of concerts. This schedule is frequently updated as more concerts are announced throughout the winter, so check back here often and follow… Read More

New Music: February Edition

Ahh February. The slow decline of my sanity is always more prevalent during this short lil month. I mean Middlebury thought it was chill to bring a white supremacist to campus for starters. Meanwhile the Grammy’s committee is probably already planning on giving the new Coldplay/Chainsmokers song a lifetime achievement award. It’s also the point in… Read More


Psychedelic Highlights of 2016

Since we know you want to keep reminiscing about 2016, we put together a playlist of some our favorite psychedelic tracks of the year! Psychedelic music is rather hard to pin down and define, and can take so many forms, so these are all psychedelically inclined songs from a diverse range of genres. RIYL: dream pop, trip… Read More

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