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Winter/Spring Concerts Guide

Go see Long Neck on Friday 3/3 at Foam Brewers! Instead of spending the next few months twisting your ankles in the snow and/or mud, hop in a carpool with friends to attend one of the many upcoming concerts in the Champlain Valley. Most of the concerts are in Burlington but we have included some… Read More


Interview: Eric Benoit on finding inspiration in trauma

On a guitar rich in bass tones and coated with tasteful reverb, Eric Benoit conjures a series of gentle arpeggios, punctuating them with a few well-placed harmonics. Then, with his lilting tenor, he carries us through simple, evocative lyrics: “I’ve never been to New Mexico / Never seen the canyons there / But I open… Read More

Album Review

WRMC’s 2017 Year in Review

Here lies 2017, the year she told you not to worry about. And look what came of it: 2017 took your net neutrality, brought Charles Murray to campus, and made your annoying twelve-year-old cousin Bitcoin rich. And what’s your consolation prize? A fidget spinner in your stocking and tide pods for Christmas dinner. More seriously—2017… Read More

Album Review

Album Review: All is Not Lost, by Matt Ellin

When I first met Matt Ellin, he was by far the coolest punk kid at our Pennsylvania performing arts summer camp, and at first I hadn’t the slightest idea how to relate to him. But as fate would have it, we soon became close friends and musical collaborators. He has always been intimidatingly funny, talented,… Read More


Alleged Transcript Shows Public Safety Officer Contradicting College Account

Disclaimer: WRMC is a community radio station. We are re-posting this transcript because of great interest on behalf of our listenership and readership, and especially because it will not be posted elsewhere, as other local sources do not take anonymous submissions. We believe in shielding those who submit anonymously from possible retaliation because timely, relevant… Read More

Arabic Language Music for Students

Alex Bacchus (left), Elizabeth Saylor and Katrina Spencer (right) have put together an Arabic-language music playlist for you all to listen to as you prepare for the end-of-the-semester, eat over the holiday break and get your last assignments together. Let us know what you think and don’t forget to follow Katrina Spencer at katleespe on… Read More



club kid mating calls of the early 2000s You step down off the doorstep and onto the narrow sidewalk as soon as the sun sets. The sky hovers at a deep blue, and the multicolored lights from street reflect off your heavily bleached hair. You pull the fur-lined hood of your jacket over your head… Read More


Demands​ ​for​ ​Justice​ ​and​ ​Healing​ ​at​ ​Middlebury​ ​in​ ​Response​ ​to​ ​Racial​ ​Profiling

This piece has been re-posted, with permission, from Beyond the Green. Dear President Patton, Demands for Justice and Healing at Middlebury in Response to Racial Profiling We demand a public apology from Laurie Patton to Addis Fouche-Channer, Black students and students of color, and the entire Middlebury community for racial profiling. We also demand acknowledgment… Read More


Playlist: Cupcakke

Getting ready to see Cupcakke at Grooveyard tonight? Or just want to listen to some super sex positive party music by (mostly) women of color? Check out this playlist then 🙂  

Album Review


WRMC’s Community Music Spotlight is an ongoing series, profiling new projects by artists/bands from the Middlebury and greater Addison County community. If you are a local band/artist, or know one with a new project we should write about, email wrmc911@gmail.com! Young Man (Adam Kelley) is probably the only person who has been on a Middlebury sports… Read More


Laurie Patton, wya?

Two weeks ago, the Campus published an article detailing the racial profiling of former student (and WRMC DJ) Addis Fouche-Channer by a Public Safety Officer on March 2, after the Charles Murray talk. Last spring, a Judicial Affairs dean ruled that Fouche-Channer was not at Murray’s car, after being presented with statements from friends and… Read More

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