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NER Podcast Episode 7: Phoebe Stone & François Clemmons

Episode 7, hosted by NER interns Rahat Huda and Leila Markosian, features two memoirs steeped in childhood, “Teapot in Turquoise” (NER Digital) by Phoebe Stone, and “From the Beginning” (NER 39.2) by François Clemmons, the next episode from NER Out Loud’s Vermont Writers Series.

NER Podcast Episode 6: Jay Parini & Genevieve Plunkett

Episode 6, hosted and edited by Jeremy Navarro, is part of NER Out Loud’s Vermont Writers Series. This episode features Jay Parini reading his short autobiographical piece, “A Beer with Borges” (NER 39.1) and Genevieve Plunkett reading her O. Henry Award–winning story, “Something for a Young Woman” (NER 36.3).

NER Podcast Episode 5: Didi Jackson

Episode 5, hosted and edited by Juliette Luini, is the first in NER Out Loud’s Vermont Writers Series. This episode features poet Didi Jackson reading her poems published by NER—”The Burning Bush” (NER 39.1) and “Brancusi’s Bird in Space” (NER Digital)—along with several poems from her forthcoming collection, Moon Jar (2020).

NER Podcast Episode 4: Emily Geminder & Alla Gorbunova

Episode 4 presents two short stories, exploring female identities and experiences, by Emily Geminder and Alla Gorbunova, translated from the Russian by Elina Alter. Hosted by Megan Job and read by students from Oratory Now. Edited by Hannah McKenzie and Juliette Luini. • “Phnom Penh 2012” by Emily Geminder (NER 36.4), read by Emily Ma.• “Biomass”… Read More

NER Podcast Episode 3: Heather Christle & Janet Towle

Hosted by Megan Job, this episode presents a poem and a story, both using form and language to illustrate the contemporary condition. Read by students from the Middlebury Theatre Department and Oratory Now. Edited by NER intern Tess Weitzner. • “In Order of Appearance” by Heather Christle (NER 39.2), read by Melanie Rivera• Excerpts from “Modal Window” by Janet… Read More

NER Podcast Episode 2: Bib Hicok, Victoria Chang, & C.K. Williams

Hosted by Kylie Winger, this episode showcases poems by three well-known and much-loved American poets. Read by students from the Middlebury Theatre Department and Oratory Now. Edited by NER intern Juliette Luini. • “Sweet” by Bob Hicok (NER 37.1), read by Pele Voncujovi• “Obit—Memory,” “Obit—Music,” and “Obit—Grief” by Victoria Chang (NER 38.3), read by Katie Mayopoulos• “I Shot a… Read More

NER Podcast Episode 1: Henry Kearney IV and Anne Raef

Two recent pieces from NER that converge on the themes of art and destruction. Edited and hosted by Juliette Luini; directed by Sam Tompkins Martin; read by students from the Middlebury Theatre Department and Oratory Now. • “Shotgun Elegy,” a poem by Henry Kearney IV (NER 37.3), read by Will Koch.• “Chinese Opera,”  short story by Anne Raeff… Read More


(My radio show is loosely based around my journey through In the Wake: On Blackness and Being by Christina Sharpe. I am going to try and put that in conversation with Noname on her verse in Ghetto Sage’s new song Häagen Dazs. A lot of this analysis was shared by Noname in a post I… Read More


Yohuna is the project of Johanne Swanson. She “maintains a masterful ability to distill chaos into calm; to contemplate the more challenging and messy matters of heart and mind”. Her new album Mirroring came out this past June.



If I give it some thought, I would say I have about 6-8 identifiable crushes cooking right now. They aren’t all big, most are quite small, but they definitely exist. And this semester, I think that is going to feel fun and messy. Which is funny to say, because what that translates to is a… Read More



Welcome back y’all! Right now my living room is flooded with liiight and it’s so nice for everything to be relatively warm still. I’m feeling like this is gonna be a good semester. Japanese Breakfast was an amazing way to start the year, I remembered that pass/failing classes is an option, I have four new… Read More

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