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Have you ever wondered what’s playing on WRMC when no one’s on campus? Ever turned on your radio at 4 am and wondered why in god’s name someone is playing such a—dare I say it—“eclectic” playlist featuring Ricky Martin followed by Grimes followed by a Nigerian Funk song? Odds are, if you’ve tuned in during… Read More


Some Songs Last A Long Time: The Legacy of Daniel Johnston

Back in 1990, minimalist mastermind Daniel Johnston released 1990, an album chock full of longing, loss, heartbreak, and satan.   On the album’s fifth track, “Some Things Last a Long Time” the ever vulnerable Johnston trembles and lisps his way through the experience of a stifled and unrequited love to the tune of spare piano chords, stray guitars, muffled laughter, and… Read More


Uncovered: Cover Songs That Don’t Suck. Vol. II

For the first installment of cover songs that don’t suck, CLICK HERE. Stillness is the Move (Dirty Projectors) – Solange Dirty Projectors’ unique genre melting experimental rock sound makes for excellent pop fodder, and who better to cover them than PBR&B pop diva Solange Knowles. In covering “Stillness is the Move”, Solange takes on one… Read More


The Orwells playing @ Higher Ground TONIGHT

If you’re on campus for fall break and you’ve got nothing planned for a tonight (10/21), GO SEE THE ORWELLS AT HIGHER GROUND!!!  Fueled by beer and angst, The Orwells are known for putting on a great live show that will leave you hoarse and in a state of sweaty nostalgia.  So if you wanna… Read More



Not to be confused with Miley Cyrus’ infamous “Wrecking Ball” video in which she repeatedly makes out with a sledge hammer and rides bareback on a wrecking ball, The So So Glos’ new music video is similar to Miley’s latest cry for attention is in name only. Hailing from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, The So So Glos… Read More

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