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Hiii, I’m Mikaela and I’ll be working on concerts committee during Spring sem  I’m kinda new to the wrmc blog, but excited and grateful to be here (symbolically?). I hope this can give u a better snapshot of the inside of my head… 

I’ve spent the bulk of my summer working at a music camp for kids and preemptively having mixed feelings about starting my last year @ Midd… I’ve also been thinking about how frequently I have to say hello and goodbye to folks I meet, and how summer is already coming to a close (again, mixed emotions :///). To some extent the music I’ve been listening to seems to reflect that, so here’s a couple songs I’ve had on repeat for a whileeeee now:

Peter CottonTale, ft. Rex Orange County, Chance The Rapper, Daniel Caesar – Forever Always 

The Internet – Come Over

This might be my most played track of the summer hehe, the music video is also super fun and colorful   

Emotional Oranges – Motion 

Tbh I only juuuust stumbled upon this group, and I don’t know much about them but I really like this super sultry track. The LA-based duo is still working on their debut project. “Motion” was their first single, and they’ve since dropped “Personal” which is meant to “have good make-up (and break-up) sex to,” whatever that might mean for everyone… Anyway they have a really breathy but clean sound that’s super groovy. Keep your eye out for them!!

로꼬 (Loco), 화사 (마마무) – 주지마 (Don’t Give)

This is a bold duo, with 화사(Hwasa) from the girl group Mamamoo on vocals, and Loco, winner of the first season of Show Me the Money (rap competition show in SK). Personally, I find that these two are individually super talented, which makes the combo unique and… sorta tense. The lyrics center around how things can get fuzzy on a date (esp with drinks), to the point where Loco literally says “so let’s just say cheers over a glass of water” so as not to complicate things both physically and emotionally, and to not regret anything, hence the title of the song “Don’t Give [me a drink]”. The other thing is, if you watch this mv for even just a hot sec – it’s impossible to miss the awkwardness between Hwasa and Loco in the beginning. I’m curious about the chemistry that two artists can develop after filming something like this that’s sorttt of intimate, just in how the whole video is literally them just conversing with each other – with words, with body language, with their eyes…. idk — like, have feels been caught? Something that we can’t necessarily see on screen?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

CUCO – Dontmakemefallinlove

Don’t mean to buy into the hype over “dream pop” and overdone synthesizers buuuuut… I really like Cuco :’).  He’s a 20 year old Chicano artist from LA, who seems to be doing his thing with humble equipment and what may just be really basic, everyday ideas – but I guess that’s what makes a lot of his lyrics pretty relatable…  In his latest NPR interview he emphasized not wanting to be lumped into certain genres of music just because of his identity markers (i.e. being labeled as a “Latin artist”). At the same time, he also expressed that he’s trying to figure out ways of providing that “representation” for the people that do look up to him, and to “do more and do better”.  It’s a weird tension, being a minority role model for your community but also not wanting to be solely recognized for that. I think he’s already juggling the struggle of the hyphenated American experience well, which we also slightly peep in his lyrics and musical style, so I’m excited to see where he takes that in his work.  

 The Carters – SUMMER

Bolbbalgan4 – Travel

Gonzalo Genek –  Dime si valió la pena (Ft. A.C.O & Don-J HH)

I heard this track for the first time while I was abroad, and so maybe there’s added sentimental value just because of where I was/who I was with… but overall I like this track bc of the fuzzy feedback and the wavy sounds that are like liquid nostalgia bent into…soundwaves….LOL idk if that makes sense but that’s how it makes me feel. Gonzalo Genek and A.C.O are both Peruvian rappers, and even though I first heard Gonzalo Genek rapping verses, his small bits of singing the chorus in this track are super straightforward and smooth, all really easy on the ears. The bass isn’t tooooo heavy and it complements his softer vocals well :’) Good summer song if you’re ever driving alone at night with the windows down all the way…

Dassit! Thanks for reading  sorry if things don’t make sense, feel free to follow up with me~

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