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THIS IS MY JAM: Drake- “Furthest Thing”

In the summer of 2012, I saw Drake in concert. In the middle of his set, he knelt in the middle of the stage as all lights went out, save for a single spotlight that shone from the ceiling/the heavens right onto Drake as he proclaimed that he made music for “women who were destined… Read More

THIS IS MY (Summer) JAM: The Front Bottoms- “Au Revoir”

It’s dumb how much I’ve fallen for the jersey-twosome The Front Bottoms. Their new album, Talon of The Hawk, is very much for me right now what Japandorid’s Celebration Rock was to me last June- an earnest, straightforward jam. Japandorids sounded like a bunch of dudes who just wanted to chill in their backyard, screwing… Read More


Since I’ve been home from Midd, the one thing that I can rely on to happen, no matter what, between my sleeping in late, reading of Jonathan Franzen, eating at unusual times at night, and all of my other signs of general college summer ennui, is gathering with my entire family twice a week to… Read More

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