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…and we’re back.

summer programming is underway, click on the schedule below for old favorites at new times, exciting new shows, and the best time for fans of russian post-grunge-shoegaze-electro-pop to tune in. wrmc.middlebury.edu/schedule

Power Outage

Thanks to a heavy blanket of very wet snow, we woke up this morning to an absence of electricity which is temporarily impeding our ability to broadcast. We’ll be back up as soon as possible. In the meantime, check out all the spiffy new music we’ve posted recently! Love, WRMC

Congratulations to all the Febs!

WRMC would like to congratulate all the Febs on their recent graduation.  Especially Dave, Nate, and Sam.  WRMC wouldn’t be where it is today without them and their tireless efforts.  Thanks so much guys and best of luck in the future!

Hockey Night

Starting tomorrow at 9pm EST, WRMC will be hosting a hockey show, featuring expert commentary from an ex insider in the business. Check it out on wrmc.middlebury.edu/listen or on your local 91.1 FM.

A new dance mixtape for everyone that is a special person

This includes you, darling. This mixtape is for you, because you are special and deserve an equally special mixtape. It’s called “Lion Sex”, it was mixed by Mr. Whiskers (yours truly) and it will make you “dance till you’re dead”, to quote Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Heads will roll, folks, so turn… Read More

ABC Jesus Rap

Think I’ve found a gem here, could be the next AnCo. Someone call Domino Records. “The ABC Jesus RAP is hip, fresh, fun, researched based, exciting but most importantly engaging.•Teaches letter and letter sounds•Teaches beginning reading skills•Teaches phonics•Teaches bible words•Increases vocabulary development•Increases listening skills•Increase phonemic awareness” Very good, yes? Compare to AnCo “My Girls” remix… Read More

Because insider references never go out of style

Middlebury has produced some stellar musicians before,including Dispatch and the guys behind Song for Sarah. We now proudly add to that list the Allen Jokers: Their debut single, Midd Kid ft. Jay-Z just dropped. You can download it here and revel in the clever manipulations of campus stereotypes to your heart’s delight. The music video… Read More

Bearcraft Carrier

Phillipe just finished producing his second album of dance music. He is very excited to share it with you all. Like last time around, it’s free and easy to download. Just go here: http://www.zshare.net/download/68248714dbb34d06/ Track List: 1) The Children Are The Future2) Bear to Land Missiles (YSI)3) Neck Tattoos4) Step Left, Step Right, Around!5) Taft… Read More

CMJ Music to Love

For those of you not in the college radio loop, CMJ is both a magazine – the College Music Journal, basically the Billboard of College radio – and a spectacular music festival which wrapped up in NYC this weekend. Amongst the many, many artists and labels and promoters and stations in attendance were a few… Read More

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