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Playlist: The Planet Is Dying

What times are these When to write a poem about love Is almost a crime Because it contains So many silences About so many horrors… -After Bertolt Brecht I still miss my friends so much. It makes me sad to leave the people I love, even after just a week. I still get sad when… Read More

Meet Exec – Micah ’21

Heyo, it’s Micah, your tech director for the fall and J-term. I’m on campus for my second summer in a row (!!), this time working with Rayn and Luis as a McCullough tech for language schools. When I haven’t been cluelessly watching Hebrew school karaoke in Crossroads or putting on ridiculous light schemes for Spanish… Read More


Hey everybody, I’m Caroline! I’m 1/2 of this year’s concert managers (@Luis). I can’t wait to be back at Midd doing radio, but in the meantime I have been filling my summer with concerts (of course), hiking, and various odd jobs. My favorite recent adventure of the summer has been shooting as a red carpet… Read More

MEET EXEC -Luis ’20

Yo what’s good it’s Big Homie L/DJ Flywhale/Luis if you’re into that name. I’m going to be one half of the concerts managers (shouts out Caroline) and I’m mad excited to bring some new acts to Middlebury. Too often do we bring white indie boys who play chill indie boy, WRMC-esque music and I want… Read More


Bonjour b*tches!  My name is Cara and I will be WRMC’s Programming Director in spring 2020 as well as Official Lurker in fall 2019. Currently, I am in a lil place called Middlebury, VT for the first time in a year and I am the summer general manager at WRMC. I’ll be so prepared for student… Read More


Meet Exec – Jo ’20

hello void + anyone who has happened upon this! I am Jordana also known as Jo and I am so so so excited to kick off the meet exec blog posts this summer because boy oh boy do we have a glorious board for this coming year of our lord 2019/2020! I’m so very thrilled… Read More

Album Review Concert

WRMC’s 2018 Year in Review

It is the year 2018 and music lives in clouds and streams. Airpods deliver computer-generated sounds directly to our brains in hopes of harvesting the newest addition to the long list of dwindling natural resources: dopamine. This year, the new millenium claimed the Queen of Soul herself, Aretha Franklin, and the premature losses of Avicii,… Read More


Hi WRMC! I’m Walker and I’m on the concert committee for the next two semesters. I spent this summer working in Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico and I’m real excited to bring some fun acts this year. Recently I’ve been more forward about asking people to send me new music, and I can’t recommend exploiting… Read More


Heylo friends, my name’s Erin and I’ll be one of the creative directors for wrmc this year! I’m soooo stoked to be back on the board makin the magic happen. I’m from Berkeley, California and am a Geography&GSFS major here at midd. Despite being from the west coast, a series of questionable decisions have led me to… Read More


Hello everybody and potentially nobody! My name is Rayn (she/her) and I’m super excited to get to know you all and be one of your creative directors for the 2018-2019 school year! Because I know you’re all #radioheads and therefore… auditory learners??? I’m gonna try to explain my summer to you through five songs by… Read More


Heyyy I’m Micah, one of your Music Directors for this year! I’m super excited to finally be on the board and share cool new music with all of you guys at WRMC! I’m originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee, and I miss biscuits very much. I’ve been on campus all summer working at the Knoll and living… Read More

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