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WRMC ALL DJ MEETING: Get a Radio Show this Fall!

This Thursday at 8 pm all Middlebury music lovers and radioheads alike are invited to convene in McCullough Social Space for the biannual WRMC All DJ Meeting.  This meeting is a must for anyone and everyone interested in having a radio show for the fall semester. WAIT…MIDDLEBURY HAS A RADIO STATION? Yes.  Since 1949. WHAT! WHERE?… Read More

Album Review

Music I Should’ve Grown Up With (2010-2013)

So we have reached it. The final post. What follows are four of the most innovative and exciting albums I’ve heard, period. They bode well for a future that is sure to hold its share of incredible music yet to come, music that I will likely be raising my own children on. That being said,… Read More


Some Songs Last A Long Time: The Legacy of Daniel Johnston

Back in 1990, minimalist mastermind Daniel Johnston released 1990, an album chock full of longing, loss, heartbreak, and satan.   On the album’s fifth track, “Some Things Last a Long Time” the ever vulnerable Johnston trembles and lisps his way through the experience of a stifled and unrequited love to the tune of spare piano chords, stray guitars, muffled laughter, and… Read More


Uncovered: Cover Songs That Don’t Suck. Vol. II

For the first installment of cover songs that don’t suck, CLICK HERE. Stillness is the Move (Dirty Projectors) – Solange Dirty Projectors’ unique genre melting experimental rock sound makes for excellent pop fodder, and who better to cover them than PBR&B pop diva Solange Knowles. In covering “Stillness is the Move”, Solange takes on one… Read More


This is My Jam- Neko Case “Night Still Comes”

Singer-songwriter, Vermont ranch owner, kitchen-trained chef, honorary Canadian, redhead: Neko Case is everything I aspire to be.  I first heard about Case when I was 16, a few months after “Middle Cyclone” was released. I’d downloaded a playlist of some 90 or so songs that a Texas college radio station had deemed worthy to get… Read More

Album Review

Music I Should’ve Grown Up With (2001-2003)

It’s your friendly 90s-child blogger DJ Parkie-Park back to give you another rousing analysis of those gems I (and perhaps many of you) missed back in those childhoods of ours (ah, the nostalgia). If you’re just joining us now (and are perhaps a little lost on the concept), check out my posts from the past… Read More


Summer Travel Tracks: Music To Bump While Mobile

Here we are, Radioland, on the first of July, entering into the heart of summer. Though we’re all off doing our own thing–whether that be finding the cure for malaria in Senegal, unicycling cross-country with a newly formed political activism group, or commuting daily to that chic summer internship you scored back in December (which,… Read More

Album Review

Music I Should’ve Grown Up With (1998-2000)

So for those of you who missed the boat 2 weeks ago (you can hop right on here), this ship is heading towards an ocean of great music of our childhoods (or perhaps adulthoods for some of you out there) that, quite frankly, passed me by. I won’t reenact the lengthy story here, but suffice… Read More


Free Press Summer Fest Houston, TX Day 2

  So it’s now been a few days since Free Press Summer Fest ended, and I’ve finally had enough time to recover from the intense, aggressive, and downright mean heat. Now, I’m ready to relive the experience so that I can share it with all of my lovely readers. I know there’s tons of you. Sunday… Read More


Free Press Summer Fest Houston, TX Day 1

  This weekend in Houston, TX was the 5th annual Free Press Summer Fest, a growing music festival located just outside of Downtown Houston in Eleanor Tinsley Park. Since the festival’s conception in 2009 it has grown consistently, and the past 2 years have generated some significant buzz and have housed some equally significant artists…. Read More

Concert News

Alpenglow tours the East Coast this summer!

Hey East Coasters! Alpenglow, a pretty dang awesome folk-rock band featuring current and recently graduated Middlebury students and others, is heading out on tour this summer. If they’re coming to a venue near you, be sure to stop by for an incredible show brought to you by lovely people. Find the schedule here and watch a WRMC-shot… Read More

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