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The Groove Guru Presents: Blues-Jazz-Funk from Indie India

There are few things in life more orgasmic than a good blues lick, that perfect, sultry jazz line, or just the pulsating, visceral scratchiness of a funk song that makes you feel beautifully primal. There is a palpable energy to this music that is so complex yet so simple in its effect on body and… Read More

Album Review

Music I Should’ve Grown Up With (2001-2003)

It’s your friendly 90s-child blogger DJ Parkie-Park back to give you another rousing analysis of those gems I (and perhaps many of you) missed back in those childhoods of ours (ah, the nostalgia). If you’re just joining us now (and are perhaps a little lost on the concept), check out my posts from the past… Read More

Album Review

sean nicholas savage // other life

Artist: Sean Nicholas Savage Album: Other Life Label: Arbutus Records After reading the Juliette and John’s amazing review of their experience on the roo ride I felt inspired to write a review of Sean Nicholas Savage’s new album Other Life. As I stated in one of my earlier reviews of his single “Lonely Woman,” Sean Nicholas Savage’s unique… Read More

Album Review

Thundercat – Apocalypse (6/4/13)

Artist: Thundercat Album: Apocalypse Record Label: Brainfeeder Release Date: June 4th, 2013 Genre: Neo-Soul Grade: B+ RIYL: Flying Lotus, SBTRKT, D’Angelo, Herbie Hancock As a huge fan of Flying Lotus and his various side-projects, proteges and alter-egos, I was ecstatic to discover that not only does he own and curate the record label Brainfeeder, but that… Read More

Ever Wanted To Be The Kind of Person Who Listened to Jazz?

Not only “listened to jazz,” but also had some general knowledge of the tunes being listened to? Well I know I did, so when I came across this NPR commentary on Gary Giddins and Scott DeVeaux’s guide to jazz music (so aptly titled Jazz) I knew my prayers had been answered. As well as covering… Read More

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