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a (playable) list

i find myself making a lot of lists these days. here is a list of things i have done to try to fill the gaping hole of not being able to do my radio show.   made a new playlist tried to draw a cover picture for each of my playlists  decided that was too… Read More

A letter to the WRMC Booth Room

Dearest WRMC Booth Room We miss you a lot and think of you often.  We are sad at the thought of you lying vacant. We hope that automation is keeping you, if not busy, entertained. We are SO sorry for that one time we brought a glass of water into your midst and hope this… Read More

Exec’s Decade of Music

In the long post that follows (if you read it all bless you), each member of exec took a unique approach to completing the somewhat impossible task of writing about their most important musical happenings of the decade. From concerts to album art, shower tears to fruit songs, here are the moments of music that… Read More


Happy New Year!! I hope whatever kind of celebration you had brought you joy and happiness and love. This is where I spent my crossover, on this dimly lit porch trying to get the switch on Nights by Frank Ocean to switch exactly at midnight. Which, yea, is a little derived but I was making… Read More

SHOW OF THE WEEK – Hijos del Sol

We’ve been super excited about Kaitlyn Velazquez’ show this semester. Maia and C sat down with her to talk about family, new experiences, and possible zombie apocalypses. KV: Okay, I’m Kai Velazquez. She/her pronouns. And then, I’m a first year. And my favorite fruit? I used to eat mangoes every day in AP English class…. Read More

Music News

PLAYLIST- a reinterpretation of a national holiday

Thanksgiving is a fake holiday. Take your well-needed break to rest and reconsider the origins of this ‘holiday’. While you’re doing so, please feel free to listen to this (insufficient) playlist of music by all indigenous and first nations artists from a variety of genres and nations.



Hey WRMC people. If you don’t know me, my name is C and I am the person that (with so much help) runs our station’s social media personas. I am a super senior feb, which means I will be graduating in fewer weeks than I really care to admit.  I have discovered/named a new feeling… Read More

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