WRMC is located at Middlebury College, in Middlebury, Vermont, and is entirely student-run. We are dedicated to providing a diverse range of alternative programming both locally, to the Champlain Valley, and internationally, to the far-reaching Middlebury College community. In a time when college radio stations are becoming less prevalent, we strive to demonstrate the value of the truly unique medium that is small college radio.

WRMC is licensed by the Federal Communications Commission and operates on the assigned frequency of 91.1 MHz with an effective radiated power of 2,900 watts. WRMC is a member of the National Federation of Community Broadcasters and a subscribing member of the Associated Press.

The Board

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Mailing Address:

WRMC 91.1 FM
Middlebury College
Middlebury, VT 05753

Request Line: 802.443.6323

Business Office: 802.493.6324

Music Department: 802.443.6324
Music Directors for Spring 2019: Lucy Rinzler-Day and Micah Raymond. Office Hours: 10am-12pm Mondays, 12-2pm Tuesdays.

General Inquiries: wrmc911@gmail.com

WRMC 91.1 FM accepts all press releases, promotional items, music, etc.


  • March 6th, 2013

    WRMC Launches New Website

    WRMC launches a brand-new website, aiming to straddle the online music world and good old-fashion radio in order to bring its audience the fullest listening experience it can!
  • November 12th, 2000

    Extending Our Reach

    On this day, WRMC begins broadcasting at 2900 watts from a newly constructed antenna, located atop the smokestack at Facilities Management. This same year, WRMC launched its website, and with ...
  • May 1st, 1998

    First Sepomana

    WRMC's first Sepomana concert was first held in 1998 thanks to a loophole in the Student Government Association's financing rules. The name was invented and has no additional significance. The ...
  • March 17th, 1981

    WRMC Goes 100 Watt

    In the early 80s, WRMC faced near disaster when the FCC threatened to downgrade all ten watt stations to “secondary status.” Along with 600 other condemned “electronic sandboxes”, as the ...
  • June 1st, 1980

    Summer Broadcasting Begins

    In the summer of 1980, WRMC's first summer of broadcasting proved incredibly successful, resulting in an outpour of positive feedback from the local community.
  • October 9th, 1956

    WMCRS Becomes WRMC 91.7 FM

    In its early years, WMCRS’s broadcasting range was limited to the confines of the college and it barely even reached all of the dorms. In 1967, however, the real revolution ...
  • May 1st, 1949

    First Broadcast

    Founding engineer John Bowker ‘52 and original WRMC president James W. Kitchell ‘51 broadcast for the first time from a small chicken coop located in the backyard of Professor John ...