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Alumni Newsletter

Spring/Summer 2013 Newsletter

Hi radioheads!

You are currently looking at one of the biggest projects WRMC has tackled in years—this new website. We’re excited to use the site as a way to connect with and build the WRMC community beyond Middlebury’s campus. We want to clue you in on a few website features we’re pumped about:

 – First, the WRMC music blog is on the home page of the website, and is now more active than ever.

– Second, we’ve revamped our programming schedule, and we’re psyched about how it functions.

– Third, as you can see, we have an alumni page. Check back here for WRMC alumni news, and let us know if you’re in a band we can feature in the Alumni Bands section.

In other news, WRMC just launched a video series that will explore music at Middlebury. The first video is an in-studio session at the station with the up-and-coming Midd band Alpenglow. Watch it here.

Lastly, this winter WRMC formed a new relationship the with Burlington music venue Signal Kitchen to collaborate on bringing concerts to Vermont. Due in part to this partnership, the station put on the most successful Sepomana in WRMC history this spring, with one of the more exciting concert line-ups ever at Midd.

Our chief goal this year, underlying all these initiatives, has been to grow and bring together the WRMC community of current DJs, alumni, and listeners. Over the summer and next year, we’ll continue to devote our energy to that cause, and we hope you’ll be part of it.

Spring programming just ended, but summer programming will be starting up soon. Check out the blog and like WRMC on facebook for continuous updates and music news.

If you want to get in touch (please do), email us at wrmcalumni@gmail.com

Much love,

The WRMC Executive Board 2012-13

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