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Flying Lotus // You’re Dead!

Consistency is key, says the new indie-n proverb I decided was true for the sake of this write up. A well-crafted, unique sound is any musician’s best friend; experimentation is the double-edged résumé-stuffer that critics crave (nay, demand!)  but only when done right. Change too little and you’ll become boring and cantankerous. Change too much… Read More


Top 30 Chart Update, 6/30/2014: What is this Chart?

For more Tom Krell memes, visit WRMC’s twitter. Sorry to keep y’all waiting! Finally, after a month and a half long hiatus, WRMC is up and running for the summer! That means new shows, new DJs, new additions to automation playlists and, most importantly, a whole slew of incredible new music to backdrop whatever sort of… Read More

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