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Behind the Green Curtain…

These wonderful folks are our General Board 2009-2010. Or at least, the members in attendance this week. And these are your Executive Board and Concert Committee this year. Chris DiOrio, one of our Concert Committee members, is unfortunately not in this picture. These crazy kids are the Exec Board. Many thanks to Thom Corrado for… Read More

Lemming Syndrome

WRMC has officially joined the conformist masses and acquired an official Facebook page. Just one more way to keep you connected to your favourite radio station. Check it out and become a fan here: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=4404988&ref=profile#/pages/WRMC-911-FM-Middlebury-College/94239013625 It needs some serious embellishment, so if you have any sweet photos pf ‘RMC events, interesting history of the station,… Read More

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