WRMC 91.1 FM Middlebury College Radio 91.1 FM


Extending Our Reach

On this day, WRMC begins broadcasting at 2900 watts from a newly constructed antenna, located atop the smokestack at Facilities Management. This same year, WRMC launched its website, and with it the availability of online listening.

WRMC Goes 100 Watt

In the early 80s, WRMC faced near disaster when the FCC threatened to downgrade all ten watt stations to “secondary status.” Along with 600 other condemned “electronic sandboxes”, as the ten watters were then deemed, WRMC was suddenly in danger of losing its license. In a fleeting attempt to save the station, the members of… Read More

24-Hour Broadcasting

WRMC begins the tradition of 24-hour broadcasting, thus becoming the first 24-hour station in the Champlain Valley.

WMCRS Becomes WRMC 91.7 FM

In its early years, WMCRS’s broadcasting range was limited to the confines of the college and it barely even reached all of the dorms. In 1967, however, the real revolution began. The transmitter was moved to the top of Gifford Hall, the power was increased to 10 watts and the station’s name was replaced with… Read More

First Broadcast

Founding engineer John Bowker ‘52 and original WRMC president James W. Kitchell ‘51 broadcast for the first time from a small chicken coop located in the backyard of Professor John Bowker’s house. WMCRS (Middlebury College Radio Service) began it’s daily broadcasting of six hours of music and interviews on this day.

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