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Math in Words (Part 3)

This week’s Math in Words attempts to subject an individual to the kind of intellectualizing he made a career out of rejecting.  Writing any kind of introduction to a piece on musician/pundit/engineer/ Steve Albini is a task which is incredibly marred by the many ventures he is/was involved in and his determination to avoid such… Read More


Math in Words (part 2)

In the second installment to Math in Words: the confused attempts to contextualize and assess the significance of Don Caballero and their third record, What Burns Never Returns. Released on Touch and Go records in 1998,What Burns Never Returns is the third record by Pittsburgh’s Don Caballero. The album is characterized by the many features… Read More

Math in Words

‘Math in Words’ is a fortnightly series tracing the development of math rock through the 90s. In the first installment the focus is on Slint’s 1991 record, Spiderland. Math rock as a genre largely eludes a definitive exposition; critics generally apply the term when left scratching their heads and finding themselves unable to make comparisons… Read More

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