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Virtual Virtuosos: Alex Day

This week’s featured artist is Alex Day, a.k.a. nerimon: Alex is credited with the founding of the Doctor Who fandom music genre (“trock”), which he pioneered with his band Chameleon Circuit. He also worked with Charlie McDonnell and other YouTube personalities on the “Chartjackers” project to raise money for Children In Need. However, his most… Read More

Virtual Virtuosos: Molly Lewis

This week’s featured artist is Molly Lewis, also known as “sweetafton23.” She originally rose to fame with her ukulele covers of pop songs and eventually went to win the third edition of Masters of Song Fu competition. Many of her original songs have internet-related topics, like this song about an imagined relationship with Wikipedia: That… Read More

Virtual Virtuosos: Sam Hart

This week’s featured artist is Sam Hart, a.k.a. “blinktwice4y”. He first achieved YouTube fame in 2008 when his original song, “Mario Kart Love Song” was featured on the front page: While many of his covers and originals have a nerdy spin on them, his more serious attempts at songwriting reveal that he really has talent:… Read More

Virtual Virtuosos: Clara Chung

This week’s featured artist is Clara Chung a.k.a. “ClaraCMusic.” She’s much better-known than most of the other YouTube artists I’ve featured so far (she even has a Wikipedia page!), but is still worth mentioning as she has yet to really achieve fame beyond the internet community. On her YouTube channel she posts both covers and… Read More

Virtual Virtuosos: Chris Doyle

This week’s featured artist is the 18-year-old Chris Doyle. He’s only been on YouTube for about two years and has fewer than 1,000 subscribers, but I think he is one of the more talented YouTube musicians I’ve come across. Check it out: If you like what you hear, go ahead and check out his YouTube… Read More

Virtual Virtuosos: Caitlin Bell

This week’s featured artist is Caitlin Bell, a 19-year-old singer/songwriter from Canada: Caitlin started posting her originals and covers to YouTube in 2008 (when she was just 15!) but has just recently enjoyed more widespread fame thanks to collaborations with big name YouTube musicians like Sam Hart. If you’d like to see more of Caitlin,… Read More

Virtual Virtuosos: Brad Doggett

This week’s featured artist is Brad Doggett. He’s a really great guitar player and an equally great singer:   Brad was recently on “The Voice,” but unfortunately none of the judges ended up turning around for him. Despite this, he recently moved from his hometown of D.C. to L.A. to pursue his music career. If… Read More

Virtual Virtuosos: Daniela Andrade

Hello and welcome to “Virtual Virtuosos,” a weekly column devoted to up-and-coming Internet musicians. This week’s featured artist is Daniela Andrade. This 19-year-old singer/songwriter hails from Canada, and has one of the most soothing voices I’ve ever heard. Seriously, check it out: Daniela recently won $10,000 in the WhoInspiresU.ca video contest and used the prize… Read More

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