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WRVU and College Radio

WRVU out of Vanderbilt University in Nashville (which also broadcasted on 91.1) played its final tune last Tuesday–the station’s license was sold by the Vanderbilt Student Communications organization to the local public radio station. Freddie O’Connel offers some good commentary on the station’s end and the value of college radio in today’s NYT. There’s a… Read More

I once collected butterflies. I still collect coins.

You’ve had midterms and haven’t been up on your tunes . . . WRMC understands. We’ve got you covered. Here We Go Magic- “Collector” “Collector” is the first single from Here We Go Magic’s second album. It’s set to be released this summer.

There’s free music to be had. YAWNYawn EP YAWN’s a Chicago band who released a self-titled EP on the later end of 2009. It’s up for free on their website yawntheband.com “Toys” just frolics. Give this one a listen.

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