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Tycho – "The Daydream"

Celebrate the approach of spring by listening to this blissful track by up-and-coming mellow, washed-out electronica maven Tycho. Come on, just do it. Everybody else is.

Tunnelvision – Four Tet

Good ol’ Pitchfork just posted a new entry in their “Tunnelvision” video series – here, Ray Concepcion (who has been making quite a name for himself in the artsy-filming-of-indie-musics world of late) films three songs in a live Four Tet set through a pair of 3D glasses. It’s incredibly friggin beautiful and so is the… Read More

new Flying Lotus – "Computer Face // Pure Being"

This preview track from Flying Lotus’s upcoming album Cosmogramma is beginning to make some well-deserved rounds on the nets. It’s short and sweet, and it sounds like the SNES got a little tipsy and decided to have a dance party with FlyLo’s typical psychedelic drums’n’bass abstraction. I LIKE.

Three cheers for 24-hour programming!

WRMC 24-7! I think that’s just the bee’s knees. And serious props to all those people pulling the 3am-6am shifts. Let’s all celebrate by listening to this pleasant remix of Bon Iver’s spare track “re: stacks” by some dude named Tomas Barfod. Direct link to the file: aqui.

another new Vampire Weekend song

Been keeping up with the steady trickle of material from VW’s uber-hyped second album, Contra? If so, you’ve already heard the blistering “Cousins” and seen its joyful music video.This track, “California English, Pt. 2” (whose Pt. 1 counterpart appears on the album’s tracklist) is the bizarre/awesome B-side to the “Cousins” single. Be ye a Vampire… Read More

Canimal Ollective

A studio version of Animal Collective’s “What Would I Want? Sky” from their upcoming Fall Be Kind EP has finally surfaced. Besides being awesome, it also contains the first licensed Grateful Dead sample. Checks it out below. Like it? Here’s another one that’ll be on the EP.

more new dance musiks

New remix of the title track from The Tough Alliance’s 3rd album, A New Chance, by DFA resident Juan MacLean. It’s SOOOO disco! Pure retro bliss @ 6:45. Listen to the crappy audio version posted on youtube below, or link to a better one here.

Dan Deacon hospitalized

Looks like we just missed the cutoff on this one, folks. Our festive friend Dan Deacon has been hospitalized with back problems, causing him to cancel the remaining days on his North American tour. Damn you, acute sciatica! Read more here. We know you really give it your all, Dan, and we really appreciate that,… Read More

!!! – "A New Name"

Tight performance of a standout track from their album Myth Takes.Get down to it. The video of “Heart of Hearts”, another album standout, is good too.Link to it here Pitchfork recently reposted these videos in memory of the drummer, Jerry Fuchs, who died tragically last week in an elevator shaft accident. R.I.P.

new Four Tet – "Love Cry"

Pretty great song from Four Tet’s upcoming full-length, There Is Love In You. More minimal than his usual thing, but it’s still got hip-hop-inspired drums, it’s got some funky bass, and it’s got some glitchy stuff in there too. It’s good. S’called “Love Cry”. chchchcheck it.

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