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et justice pourtous….

well as expected, justice was a fucking event and a half. i nearly died in the mosh-pit in montreal and i loved it. 5 hours later we found ourselves in some warehouse with so me, busy p, xavier, gaspard, and more coked out french-canadian hipsters than you could shake a stick at. in short, epic…. Read More

Diplo – The Essential Mix

Diplo. He’s cooler than the other side of your pillow and he’s spent the past few years showing the world why Baltimore may be the coolest place on Earth. Now, I’m happy to bring to you all: Diplo – The BBC Radio1 Essential Mix. 2 hours of Bmore-iffic awesomeness. If this doesn’t get you dancing,… Read More

5 days…

5 days. I mean I can’t really believe it. Daft Punk is this week. Holy shit. But anyway, back on December 30, 1997, Daft Punk performed on BBC Radio 1‘s Essential Mix. The result was a 2 hour epic French house mixtape that covered the entire spectrum of Guy and Thomas’s musical influences. I know… Read More

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