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Album Review

Innanetape By Vic Mensa

(Artist: Vic Mensa; Album: Innanetape; Released: 30, September 2013; Grade: B+) You might know him from the (now defunct) band Kids These Days, you might know him from his verse on Cocoa Butter Kisses off of Acid Rap and you might not know him at all, but soon enough you’ll know Vic Mensa for what… Read More


Shortlist: Summer Anthem 2013

Summer is upon us once more, and you know what that means: summer jams! Summer jams are great because every time you hear them, you will immediately be plunged into a rose-tinted reverie regarding the summer in question, which has the double benefit of making the summer seem nicer than it really was and dispelling… Read More

Album Review

Chance the Rapper // Acid Rap “_”

¬†   Artist: Chance the Rapper Album:¬†Acid Rap Label: $ave Money Release Date: April 30 Grade: A- Genre: Acid Rap Key tracks: “Cocoa Butter,” “Acid Rain,” “Lost” Although high school was not the best of times, they were interesting times for me as an awkward adolescent. Many reasons lead me to say this, but one… Read More

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