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Album Review

Music I Should’ve Grown Up With (2010-2013)

So we have reached it. The final post. What follows are four of the most innovative and exciting albums I’ve heard, period. They bode well for a future that is sure to hold its share of incredible music yet to come, music that I will likely be raising my own children on. That being said,… Read More

Album Review

Dylan’s Quick Pick of the Week: Devendra Banhart’s Mala

Artist: Devendra Banhart Album: Mala Record Label: Nonesuch Release Date: March 12, 2013 Genre: Freak Folk Grade: B+ RIYL: Joanna Newsom, Ariel Pink, Full-bearded men with a lot of soul On his latest release, the one-time “Long Haired Child” sheds his crazy curls along with his affinity for the extreme. With snappy, silly love songs… Read More

Umm. Yummy.

Devendra Banhart. New music you say? A live performance? In Vermont? Goodness Gracious Sakes Alive. 1) Devendra’s new album, “What Will We Be,” is available this week, in fact tomorrow, on Warner Brothers Records. Oh, man, Warner Brothers Records. Here is a new track, Baby, that is swell. 2) Like what you hear? Check him… Read More

On Rotation

Let’s highlight some music. Something you should definitely check out is Devendra Banhart’s side project, Megapuss. The band is made up of Banhart, Priestbird’s Greg Rogove and Stroke’s drummer Fabrizio Moretti. The members of the band got together and made up song names, only to later write music to match the names and put together… Read More


there are very few things i like as much as a good man panty. one of them may or may not be devendra banhart. my world has been made a trillion times better now that this website is in my life. dress devendra here.

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