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Paper Route Gangstaz

Yea, the tape is finally about to be out. It is going to be absolutely insane. And its (almost) free. Kinda like the ‘In Rainbows’ release, you pay what you want. Cept you have to pay at least 1 cent. But, if you drop more than 5 bucks, you get a few sweet bonus tracks…. Read More

M.I.A. wtf?

In her continuing quest for pop-culture domination, Maya Arulpragasam has been collecting more awards and accolades than she knows what to do with. The latest: Blender Magazine’s best album of 2007. And of course, never one for brevity, Maya monologued in her interview about the “struggles” of being a refugee and how much her ex-boyfriend,… Read More

Diplo – The Essential Mix

Diplo. He’s cooler than the other side of your pillow and he’s spent the past few years showing the world why Baltimore may be the coolest place on Earth. Now, I’m happy to bring to you all: Diplo – The BBC Radio1 Essential Mix. 2 hours of Bmore-iffic awesomeness. If this doesn’t get you dancing,… Read More

10 Days…..

In just 10 days, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter will climb atop a glowing pyramid of light at Keyspan Park in Brooklyn and promptly destroy New York City. In honor of this momentous event (and to relieve the overwhelming anxiety and anticipation that I feel every minute I’m not listening/dancing to Daft Punk), I… Read More

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