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Get Evian Christ’s debut full-length for free (legally)!

If you’ve been keeping up with the post-dubstep dance music scene at all — which hopefully you have, ’cause there is some amazing electronic music being made right now — you’ve probably noted the pervasive presence of a few qualities: vast empty spaces, ominously echoing beats, seismic-grade bass, chopped-n-screwed vocals, ironically appropriated Top 40 hip-hop/R&B… Read More

Balls of Steel – Acidstep EP

Hello radioheads, Yours truly, Balls of Steel, has just self-released his debut EP, the Acidstep EP. It’s acid (the music, not the drug)-influenced dubstep. The first track is a dubstep stomper, and the second is some weirder late night business featuring the sultry vocals of the mysterious “Messmore” (who could this Messmore be?). Acidstep EP… Read More

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