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Inspired by a buzzfeed (ya, i know) post, I decided to dedicate this week’s playlist to indie bands based in India. I usually do songs from Bollywood movies so this was also a journey of discovery for me. Read on for a summary of my playlist and also the artists. Some, if not all, of… Read More


The Groove Guru #2

Hello again friends and lovers. On my last post I introduced you to the existence of a vibrant and energetic indie music scene here in India, and we talked about a broad spectrum of musicians that have been fundamental to the establishment of this core. This week, I’m talking about artists who, quite frankly in… Read More


Introducing: The Groove Guru

Indian music is, in many ways, the meditative sitar. It is also the exuberant overload of senses that is often Bollywood. Our music is and has been culturally defined by these two extremes, one the classical, traditional, largely esoteric approach to an art form of the centuries, the other targeting the mass market with the… Read More

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