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Can We Please STOP Singling Out “We Can’t Stop”?

Hi cultural critics!  Boy, I know this might not be news to you, but I just have to say it again: you know who is lame lame lame?  That Miley Cyrus character and her new song, “We Can’t Stop.”  Ugh.  Drunk, no-talent, Disney-vom, mildly-racist-definitely-ignorant dum-dum.  Ugh.  You know what else is lame and stupid and… Read More

Album Review

Archivist’s Revenge: Ryuichi Sakamoto

Like your typical library, WRMC’s collection of CDs and LPs has some great stuff from the past that’s worth checking out. Unlike your typical library, each work in WRMC’s collection is graded. There’s a special pleasure derived from browsing tangible things, but it’s even more fun when those things have pithy reviews by WRMC alumni…. Read More

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