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kanye west is a tool, but daft punk is epic, and i really want light up venetian blind sunglasses.

this is what happened….

kanye’s album is better, and this is the best video of the year. mr. west teams up with former arch-nemesis SO ME (super hero/Ed Banger Art Genius/DJ) and the result is of course epic.

So…what happened?

Well, for now Bush is keeping 160,000 troops in Iraq until next summer and then cutting back to 130,000. Petraeus “doesn’t know” whether the surge is making America safer. 50 Cent “might not make another solo album”. And Led Zepplin “might have confirmed that they are reuniting”. Conflicts make headlines and headlines can convince you… Read More

10 Days…..

In just 10 days, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter will climb atop a glowing pyramid of light at Keyspan Park in Brooklyn and promptly destroy New York City. In honor of this momentous event (and to relieve the overwhelming anxiety and anticipation that I feel every minute I’m not listening/dancing to Daft Punk), I… Read More

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