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UPCOMING CONCERTS: August & September

Welcome to WRMC’s End of Summer/Back to School concert guide to the Champlain Valley (and beyond). This edition covers the upcoming month of August for all straggling summer bums hangin’ around Middlebury and September as well so all of you can start carefully planning your orientation/first few week shenanigans when your biggest concerns revolve around reading syllabi, decorating… Read More

Osheaga 2010

The Osheaga Music Festival took place in Montreal last weekend over two beautiful weekend days. I was lucky enough to attend the first (and better) day and was busy from morning til night running around from stage to stage, show to show. Here’s a quick breakdown of the day. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros:… Read More

Osheaga Montreal

WHAT’S HOTTER THAN ALL THE BUZZ AROUND RADIOHEAD’S TRAILBLAZING ALBUM DOWNLOAD OFFER (oh my god like did you hear whoa!)? WHY, PAINFULLY DATED MUSIC FESTIVAL PHOTOS, OF COURSE! Only now that the dust has slowly settled over Parc Jean Drapeau can we at WRMC make an adequate assessment of our most anticipated music festival of… Read More

Animal Collective – Peacebone EP

A treat for visiting the blog despite the busy transitional times: Animal Collective – Peacebone yaaaaaaaaaaaaaayy! And NOW! drum roll please… Click here for info about the WRMC and OSHEAGA 2007 ticket giveaway!Official site: Osheaga 2007, Montreal, Quebec

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