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Psychedelic Highlights of 2016

Since we know you want to keep reminiscing about 2016, we put together a playlist of some our favorite psychedelic tracks of the year! Psychedelic music is rather hard to pin down and define, and can take so many forms, so these are all psychedelically inclined songs from a diverse range of genres. RIYL: dream pop, trip… Read More

Album Review


Classic of Montreal + electronica + relationship failure. Innocence Reaches contains the band’s first completely EDM songs, a new musical foray that is especially significant remembering that Kevin Barnes used to only listen to music from the 1970s and earlier. Coupled with EDM, Innocence Reaches‘ other key element is glammy prog rock in a vein similar to that found… Read More


Happy Birthday Kevin Barnes!

Yesterday was Kevin Barnes’ birthday. He is of Montreal, having written almost every song the band has released, and at this point the group is pretty much a Kevin solo project. 42 is the meaning of life, the universe, and everything, at least according to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and 42 is also… Read More

Album Review

David Bowie // Blackstar

David Bowie’s Blackstar is intricate but desolate, both optimistic and rife with the inevitability of mortality. Sonically, jazz and prog rock electronica prevail. With ample use of saxophone, an instrument he learned to play as a young teenager, Bowie returns to the musical beginnings of his youth. With this final album he also reminds us… Read More


Friday Favorites (IX)

Our 9th Friday playlist is overall laid-back and mellow. What a great way to wind down after a long week and relax while discovering awesome new music!


Friday Favorites (VIII)

Here’s our latest Friday playlist of awesome new music. This week includes J Fernandez, Teen Daze, and Worriers. It starts out relaxed and melancholy, gradually becomes more upbeat, and then ends with a psychedelic guitar jam reminiscent of Ratatat.


Interview With Emma Witmer Of Gobbinjr

gobbinjr’s manalang is some of the best homemade pop we’ve heard this summer. Lo-fi and jangly, it spans a variety of genres, and is closest to dream pop. It’s also witty and humorous. We talked to gobbinjr’s Emma Witmer about music writing, Wisconsin, the possibility of turning into a leprechaun, and more.   So I… Read More


Friday Favorites (VII)

Our playlist this week offers a diverse range of new music, from surf pop to banjo rock to EDM, and is energetic yet laid-back. Enjoy, and have a great weekend!


Interview With Chris Johnson Of Telegraph Canyon

We recently chatted with Telegraph Canyon’s Chris Johnson to discuss the creative process, the Forth Worth music scene, and his adventures. You From Before, the band’s upcoming album, will be released on July 31st. Incorporating numerous styles and genres, this new album continues in the vein of Americana folk found in their previous albums, and also embraces more of an ethereal… Read More


Friday Favorites (VI)

We have an excellent assortment of new music for you this week. Featuring some great female artists, surf pop, and Titus Andronicus.


Friday Favorites (V)

This week’s Friday playlist contains more great new music, as always. Mainly melancholy dance music this time, perfect for your sad Friday night parties.

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