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Top 30 Chart Update, 8/15/14: Shoegaze Hangovers

The summer has flown by and believe it or not WRMC’s summer programming ends this weekend.  Our charts have been chock full some great new music this summer, and now it’s time for us to get you caught up on anything you might have missed.   Weekly chart vets How to Dress Well, A Sunny Day in Glasgow and White Lung dominated the… Read More




It’s August now and the summer seems more fragile. Here’s a spacey, shoegaze-y playlist for lonely late night drives: the highway rushing past, sneaking into the park after dark, the moon’s sliver hanging over the wink of the city lights, when it’s still warm at midnight, the road stretching on into the roar of the… Read More



UPCOMING CONCERTS: August & September

Welcome to WRMC’s End of Summer/Back to School concert guide to the Champlain Valley (and beyond). This edition covers the upcoming month of August for all straggling summer bums hangin’ around Middlebury and September as well so all of you can start carefully planning your orientation/first few week shenanigans when your biggest concerns revolve around reading syllabi, decorating… Read More


Album Review

Music I Should’ve Grown Up With (2010-2013)

So we have reached it. The final post. What follows are four of the most innovative and exciting albums I’ve heard, period. They bode well for a future that is sure to hold its share of incredible music yet to come, music that I will likely be raising my own children on. That being said,… Read More



state of summer: six songs

Born and raised in Southern California, the land of eternal July, sunshine and good vibes, whose identity and mythology sustains itself on the dream of summer and refuses the existence of non-perpetually beautiful forms of weather (or of anything), the concept of actual seasons has always been fascinating and foreign to me. My high school… Read More


Album Review

The Lesson from Snapline

Part 1: Do Chinese people, like, listen to music? I’ve been in Beijing for six months. It’s great, thanks for asking. The calendar days are shedding off quicker and quicker. In two months, I’ll be off the boat, and yet almost assuredly washed away in the undertow of my inebriated friends’ questions about Chinese food… Read More



4 reasons why G-Eazy is going to blow up/turn up/steal your girl

Photo courtesy of MTV Since Oakland’s G-Eazy released his first commercially successful album, “These Things Happen,” on June 23, his name has been popping up in rap circles all across the nation. The album is 16-deep with absolute bangers, and while you wouldn’t have stumbled upon his music on iTunes until just recently, he really… Read More



Summer Spins: vol. I

Welcome to the first edition of Summer Spins, WRMC’s round up of the best new tracks buzzing around the station. During our break from programming we received a ton of great new music in the mail from our lovely promoters. With teetering CD stacks on deck and coffee on ice, your summer managers have been sorting… Read More



Top 30 Chart Update, 6/30/2014: What is this Chart?

For more Tom Krell memes, visit WRMC’s twitter. Sorry to keep y’all waiting! Finally, after a month and a half long hiatus, WRMC is up and running for the summer! That means new shows, new DJs, new additions to automation playlists and, most importantly, a whole slew of incredible new music to backdrop whatever sort of… Read More


Music News

of Montreal Documentary Now Available Online!

of Montreal’s documentary, “The Past Is a Grotesque Animal,” is now available as of June 24th! It includes extensive interviews with the main of Montreal members, as well as interviews with others including Andrew VanWyngarden from MGMT, Jonathan Rado and Sam France from Foxygen, Solange Knowles, Janelle Monáe, and Susan Sarandon. It’s also full of… Read More




What up Radioheads. It’s been a year since I made an appearance on the WRMC blog, but it seems during these sweltering summer months, I just can’t keep away from the supposedly idyllic faux-rural hamlet we like to pretend to call home. WRMC is almost up and about to be running, and as has been… Read More

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