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Interview With Chris Johnson Of Telegraph Canyon

We recently chatted with Telegraph Canyon’s Chris Johnson to discuss the creative process, the Forth Worth music scene, and his adventures. You From Before, the band’s upcoming album, will be released on July 31st. Incorporating numerous styles and genres, this new album continues in the vein of Americana folk found in their previous albums, and also embraces more of an ethereal… Read More



Friday Favorites (VI)

We have an excellent assortment of new music for you this week. Featuring some great female artists, surf pop, and Titus Andronicus.



Friday Favorites (V)

This week’s Friday playlist contains more great new music, as always. Mainly melancholy dance music this time, perfect for your sad Friday night parties.


Album Review

Tame Impala // Currents

Kevin Parker takes Tame Impala’s sound in a new direction with Currents, embracing disco and soul-tinged electronic dance music. As each of the four singles (“Let It Happen”, “‘Cause I’m A Man”, “Eventually”, and “Disciples”) was released this spring, it became apparent Parker was doing something significantly different and truly spectacular. While the transition to… Read More

Dr. Dog perform at the Levitate Music and Arts Festival in Marshfield, Massachusetts.

Show Review

Festival Retrospective: Levitate

The Marshfield, Massachusetts, Fairgrounds are typically home to country fairs, agricultural exhibitions, and livestock displays, but for the third summer running they’ve been flooded by concertgoers for the Levitate Music and Arts Festival. I made the trek down to the site, about one hour south of Boston, to check out this budding event with a… Read More



Friday Favorites (IV)

Friday means great new music from lovely summer manager, Maggie. Our fourth Friday playlist starts off light and playful and transitions into ominous darkness. We love it, and believe you will as well.


Album Review

Jaill // Brain Cream

Brain Cream, Jaill’s fifth album, is chock-full of infectious jangle pop and often toys on the edge of surf rock. This is an interesting genre for a band that is based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and full of depressingly melancholic lyrics. Lo-fi and a bit psychedelic, Jaill plays in a style comparable to that of… Read More



Friday Favorites (III)

We present you with the third installment of Friday Favorites. As always, this is a collection of fresh new music curated by Maggie, one of your lovely summer managers.


Friday Favorites (II)

Happy Friday! Once more, a playlist of excellent new songs we’ve been really into this past week has been compiled just for you. WRMC loves you <3


Album Review

Parlour Tricks // Broken Hearts/Bones

There are few things more exhilarating than discovering a great pop album. Parlour Tricks’ debut album, Broken Hearts/Bones, pronounced “broken hearts and broken bones” and just released today, is one of the more invigorating ones we’ve heard lately. Spotify called their sound “vintage pop for the future”, an accurate description. Broken Hearts/Bones is guitar and… Read More

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