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dave in '08

1997 was recently hailed in a New York Times article as the “last golden year of the music industry in America” and a defining moment of pop music. Business was booming, fans were actually buying CDs, and it was still ok to listen to Garth Brooks. But in the meantime, everything else was going to shit–Biggy died, Elton John redid ‘Candle in the Wind’, and it was still ok to listen to Garth Brooks. But there was one album* that held the nation together through such tumultuous ups and downs. Inspired by the very essence of life, this piece of unearthly magic was molded by the hands of a demi-god and his band of good-doing minions. That man was Dave Grohl. That band was the Foo Fighters. That album was The Colour and the Shape. And today we celebrate that miracle

…with the release of a remastered version of the entire album with 6 bonus tracks.

Says Nate Mendel in the liner notes: “We are a better band now. More self-assured and capable…(lots of skipped writing here)…TCATS is a great record. And one we’re very proud of. But just wait until you hear the new one. It’s…[fucking immortal, just like Dave Grohl]” Dave responded: “One last thing before I quit I never wanted anymore than I could fit into my head I still remember every single word you said and the shit that somehow came along with it still there’s one thing that comforts me since I was always caged and now I’m free don’t want to be your monkey wrench.” yeah, and he did it in one breath too. If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would go next to Dave Grohl. Don’t ever change.

*Other contributing albums may have included Radiohead’s OK Computer, Prodigy’s Fat of the Land and U2’s Pop.

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