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by on August 2, 2007

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So, 9 days till Daft Punk in Brooklyn. It is important to note that the number ‘9’ is particularly significant to Guy and Thomas. For it was on September 9, 1999 (9/9/99), 9:09am that the sampler in Daft Punk’s Paris studio exploded. They would awake some time later, discovering that they had somehow become robots. Now of course you all may not believe this. Despite my pious faith, I too have been skeptical at times. Also, part of me kind of wants to believe that Busy P showed up at their apartment in 1999 with these robot suits and told them to never take them off.

Daft Punk – Robot Rock (Drunk Adjuster Remake)

and speaking of Busy P…..

That’s right, the Daft Punk After Party for the Brooklyn show has finally been announced. Busy P (aka Pedro Winter, aka manager/producer of Daft Punk, aka founder of Ed Banger Records), SebastiAn, Kavinsky, the Throne of Blood Crew (The Rapture DJs), Gildas of Kitsune, and ‘Special Guests’ (please for the love of god let it be Daft Punk and Justice). And of course, it will be held in the coolest club in all of NYC, Studio B in Brooklyn. For those who still aren’t convinced, follow the link below to The Rawking Refuses To Stop!, and download this live set Busy P and Justice did for Good for Nothing Worldwide Radio. 2:55:36 of French House. Epic.

1/15/07, Busy P & Justice – GDFN Worldwide Radio Set

*special thanks to Rich Daniel and ‘tell’ for the info on the after party;)

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