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by on August 15, 2007

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This is one of those weeks where we got so much good new music that I can barely keep my pants on. I had to go through the post and take out half of the “incredible”s because the first draft read like the digg homepage. So yeah, all of these songs are the bomb and a half–so shake it. Also, super shout out to Thompson Bennett Davis IV for his recent appearance on the front page of the Styles Section of the Miami Herald in regards to his blog 2 Live Looks.

New Young Pony Club
(Fantastic Playroom) – This is how hipsters dance.
Fan (mp3)

VHS or Beta
(Bring on the Comets) – For serious, this may be one of the best albums I have heard this year. If I was getting paid to predict the future, I’d say these guys will be big very soon. But I don’t.
Take It or Leave It (mp3)

Change! (When Spaceships Collide) – Some very creative use of hammered dulcimers.
Going Going Glowing Gone (mp3)

M.I.A feat. Timbaland (Kala) – M.I.A is so hot right now.
Come Around (mp3)

Junior Senior (Hey Hey My My Yo Yo) – This song will be stuck in your head for at least 48 hours straight after you hear it.
Can I Get Get Get (mp3)

Shape of Broad Minds (Craft of the Lost Art) – Sounds like: MF Doom rapping over Prefuse 73 and Madlib beats. Supachill.
Changes (mp3)

Utah Carol (Rodeo Queen) – “This album is beautiful. Listen to it and make love to someone special.” (Bobby Teenager, 2007)
Sam’s Ranch (mp3)

Blaqk Audio
(Cex Cells) – L.A. New Wave filtered through glam-metal.
Stiff Kittens (mp3)

The Cult
(Dirty Little Rockstar EP) – This is the new single from the upcoming album entitled Born Into This.
Dirty Little Rockstar (mp3)

Foreign Born (On the Wing Now) – Crescendo rock influenced by fine tapestries, coffee, percussion, aromatic countrysides, virtual reality and lush vegetation.
In the Shape (mp3)

You Say Party! We Say Die! (Lose All Time) – Fun-seeking Canadian dance/punk out of Vancouver. Vancouver knows how to party ri-ri-ri-right.
Downtown Mayors Goodnight, Alley Kids Rule! (mp3)

The Squares (Call Me When Your Boyfriend’s Dead) – Catchy piano-rock, once again out of L.A.
Trudy (mp3)

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