Maybe the best album this summer?

by on August 29, 2007

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Yesterday, the new album Bring on the Comets from Kentucky rockers VHS or Beta officially dropped. Maybe you first heard about them from their album Night on Fire that was released three years ago to successful reviews. Or maybe you heard about them when they toured with Duran Duran, or when they got a song on the OC the following year. And maybe you’ve never heard of them at all. Well, your new school year resolution is to listen to as much of this band as possible. I’ve been listening to this album consistently in the car since we received it at the radio station a couple weeks ago, and I’m completely addicted now. In the same vein of that new rave sound that bands like NYPC and The Rapture have contributed to creating, VHS or Beta uses their influences in all the right ways to find a very comfortable spot between old-school New Order and new-school electripster dance party. VHS or Beta remind us that there were good parts of the 80’s (insert thesis comparison between heady electronic music and privatization of federal responsibilities here) and introduce everything good (I’m assuming) about Kentucky to the rest of the states. Get this album now and then get your Middlebury representatives to bring them to campus immediately.

VHS or Beta – Burn It Down
VHS or Beta – Bring on the Comets
VHS or Beta – Fall Down Lightly

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