Ward Wolff Wednesday 10

by on September 5, 2007

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Running low on music that I took from the station (and Bobby) before closing up for the summer. As a result, some of these songs are just posted from the blogosphere to get you excited about music we will have soon. Because I have faith that Britney will send us her whole album when it is done.

Ben Jelen (exsensitive) – Ben Jelen knows how to write good songs. A little shallow mayhaps, but thoroughly enjoyable.
Ex-sensitive (zshare)

Sophe Lux (Waking the Mystics) – I finally sat down and listened to this album. Lo and behold…yeah it’s good.
Lou Salome (zshare)

Luke Temple (Snow Beast) – This song is more sincere than you or I will ever be, so listen carefully.
People Do (zshare)

Free Blood (EP #1) – Jungle boogie, Hoowah. “Sing these songs along to your car alarms.”
Never Hear Surf Music Again (zshare)

Odd Nosdam (Level Live Wires) – One of the members behind cLOUDHEAD; I’ve never been into ambient music too much, but this is just beautiful. And this track has the singer from TV on the Radio.
The Kill Tone Two (zshare)

Lil Mama (unreleased, picked this up at Discobelle) – Everybody at WRMC is going to learn the G-slide this fall.
G-slide Tour Bus (zshare)

Cut Copy ft. Joakim (FabricLive.29) – This record deserves a post of its own. And seriously Bobby, I didn’t mean to take it, I found it in my computer.
I Wish You Were Gone (zshare)

Britney Spears (It’s Britney Bitch) – Produced by Nate “Danja” Hills. Supposedly learned it all from Timbaland. Oh yeah, and with Britney.
Gimme More (zshare)

Northern State (Can I Keep This Pen?) – Silliness
Things I’ll Do (zshare)

Kinski (Down Below It’s Chaos) – Post-Shoegaze (I’m not even sure what that’s supposed to mean)
Passwords & Alcohol (zshare)

Daft Punk (OneDayLater) – F$#k Kanye, this is the best remix of harder, better, faster, stronger…..ever.
Harer, Better, Faster, Stronger (Breakers Break Remix) (zshare)

Stevie Wonder (OneDayLater) – God is love. Love is blind. God is Stevie Wonder. That would make U-Tern the Pope or something;)
All I Do (U-Tern Disco Edit) (zshare)

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