WWWednesday 12

by on October 3, 2007

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In all seriousness, this is probably the best Ward Wolff Wednesday I’ve ever put together. half of these songs came in the mail this afternoon. which brings us to another important point: always check your mail. Til next week…

Band of Horses (Cease to Begin) – the band of horses follow-up is beautiful as expected. (but scroll down because this isn’t even close to the best song posted here)
Is There A Ghost (zshare)

Belaire (Exploding Impacting) – so one night the guys from Oh No! Oh My! and Tegan and Sara got really drunk and…well you get the idea.
You Really Got Me Goin’ (zshare)

Ticklah (Ticklah vs. Axelrod) – “Great background music for a joint.” (Libby 2007)
Scratch To Win (zshare)

Enon (Grass Geysers…Carbon Clouds) – Enon’s 5th album!!!!
Paperweights (zshare)

Letters Letters (Letters Letters) – chaotic and beautiful. this album is kind of unbelievably amazing.
Want To (zshare)

The Fiery Furnaces (Widow City) – “Eccentrically Great!” (WRMC 2007)
Ex-Guru (zshare)

Les Savy Fav (Let’s Stay Friends) – “Indie Post-Grundge…At times reminds me of Silverchair.” (Unknown 2007)
Patty Lee (zshare)

Sondre Lerche (Dan In Real Life – OST) – this soundtrack is about as awesome as the About A Boy OST by Badly Drawn Boy. more importantly, its twice as sappy.
To Be Surprised (zshare)

Doveman (With My Left Hand I Raise The Dead) – thomas bartlett may not be able to raise the dead, but he can surely sing softly and sweetly (alliteration what!) for long periods of time.
Sunrise (zshare)

Sunset Rubdown (Random Spirit Lover) – i should have listened to dexter over at powder horn when he told me this was epic. more mindblowing from Spencer Krug (of Wolf Parade/Frog Eyes/Swan Lake fame).
Winged/Wicked Things (zshare)

Tahiti Boy and the Palmtree Family (Arcade Mode) – i She Was Mine (zshare)

ESTAW (Palmsout) – estaw is tremendous. get his block baller mix here. now.
Rich Boy – Throw Some D’s (ESTAW fix) (zshare)

VNDLSM (Goods & Services) – a new one from the upcoming EP from toronto’s Very Nice Dave and Legendary Sweaty Murphy.
UH! OH! (zshare)

edIT (Certified Air Raid Material) – i can’t even tell you how good this is.
Straight Heat (zshare)

3 Responses to “WWWednesday 12”

  1. Dakota says:

    what’s wrong with WWWednesdays? it’s like a stutter. and no one will know if it’s actually wacky wacky wednesday.

  2. Ward says:

    nice one yo.

    can we pleeeeaz do away with the name? i’m honored and all, but (people are beginning to say things).

    people will say we’re in love.

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