WWWednesday 14

by on October 25, 2007

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Everything is a little late coming out of October break and Justice and all. This week, I learned that even 1/294th of a planaria will still regenerate in the proper conditions. That is immortality. If you’re coming back for homecoming this weekend and still remember how to dance, make sure to make a showing at the VACA Halloween party on Friday night and the Danger Dance Party on Saturday night.

Big Blue Marble (Natchez) – Great story put to great music. In the vein of Hedwig and the Angry Inch, but not so much. Just listen to it.
Muses (zhare)

Christopher Just – Let’s just say Larry Tee knows his vocals. I think big band-tronica will be the next big thing.
Charleston (Larry Tee Vocal Mix) (zshare)

Earl Greyhound (Soft Targets) – Well, Pitchfork did love it. And we love it too. Good ‘ol rock and roll.
It’s Over (zshare)

Arms and Sleepers (Bliss Was it in that Dawn to be Alive) – Ambient electronica out of Cambridge, so you know it’s smart.
Untitled (zshare)

Dexateens (Hardwire Healing) – 21st century southern rock. If you don’t listen to the music, at least check out their friends on myspace. I didn’t even know they had the internet down there.
What Money Means (zshare)

Delegation (bigstereo) – I It’s Your Turn (the Treasure Fingers edit) (zshare)

She Wants Revenge (This is Forever) – No matter what anyone says, I still like these guys. This album is great in the way the new VHS or Beta was to anyone that doesn’t remember growing up in the 80’s but thinks that they would have liked the music enough to enjoy living back then anyway.
Replacement (zshare)

Saint Bernadette (I Wanna Tell You Something) – Great Sunday morning music, depending on your type of Sunday I guess. A lot like Morcheeba.
I Own the City (zshare)

Voxbox (Voxbox) – Robot rock. Kick ass. Electronic parades.
Destination Unknown (zshare)

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