WWWednesday 15

by on November 14, 2007

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Ok guys, sorry for the long time with no updates. If you’ve ever studied at Middlebury in October, you know that shit gets crazy. Right now I should be studying economics but the utility cost of getting out this new music is much higher (especially when half of it is from Sweden), so here goes:

Muscles (Guns Babes Lemonade) – Of course everyone has been dancing to this one for a while, but we just got the whole album in the station. so to celebrate, flex ’em.
Ice Cream (zshare)

The Mary Onettes (The Mary Onettes) – Genius. It’s like if New Order got young again, changed their name and were from Sweden.
Pleasure Songs

Tempo No Tempo (Repetition EP) – East yayo rockers and their post-punk jerk-out sound from the new EP.
Repetition (zshare)

Coconut Records (Nighttiming) – WRMC West Coast (zshare)

Emily Jane White (Dark Under Coat) – Theme song from the new movie coming out, aptly titled “Wild Tigers I Have Known”.
Wild Tigers I Have Known (zshare)

Kylie Minogue (X) – No, we actually don’t have this album yet, but it’s too exciting not to post this released track.
In My Arms (zshare)

The Hives (The Black and White Album) – Although these Swedes never really caught on in America, the album is still fun and rockin. Also, I heard they were in the studio with…Timbaland? And Pharrel?
Won’t Be Long (zshare)

Joe Lally (Nothing is Overrated) – I can’t stand Fugazi, but this song is dope.
Painfully Aware (zshare)

Lightspeed Champion (Galaxy of the Lost) – So after leaving Test Icicles, Devnote Hynes went to Omoha to record a folk album. That’s right. And this song is also dope. And it’s about the infamous nightclub in Middlebury.
Xanadu (zshare)

Anna Ternheim (Anna Ternheim) – (more) Swedish singer songwriter who also sings beautifully in English.
Today is a Good Day (zshare)

Cary Brothers (Who Are You) – Remember those guys that were famous for awhile from that song on the Garden State soundtrack? Well they released a whole album of that stuff this summer.
Ride (zshare)

Jens Lekman (Night Falls Over Kortedala) – Here is some of that sweet Swedish indie pop everyone’s been talkin about. So much Sweden today…
If I Could Cry (zshare)

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