WWWednesday 16 (From the Vaults)

by on December 13, 2007

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So for this week’s WWWednesday I decided it would be fun to do a ‘from the vaults’ edition. Maybe it’s because the station is a quarter-mile of tundra away from my warm room, or because we just haven’t gotten any killer tracks in the last couple weeks, or just because there is so much good music in there that no one ever listens to anymore. So here is me bringing back music from the last couple years that def would have made the lists if the blog was up back then. I hope you find something that you’ve never heard before and then let it rock your world:

Royksopp/Erlend Oye (DJ Kicks) – This track is off of an album that is an entire set by DJ Kicks featuring tracks from Kings of Convenience’s star Erlend Oye. So heady, so cool.
Poor Leno- Silikon Soul Rmx (zshare)

Goldfrapp (Supernature) – I barely even remember 2005. I certainly don’t remember listening to this song. I feel like it would have changed my life back then.
Number 1 (zshare)

Remington Super 60 (All the Songs From Pling 2001) – Norwegian pop/easy listening. Super addictive.
Oh No Oh Yeah (zshare)

Miss Kitten and the Hacker (First Album) – The Irish kids that I lived with in Berkeley loved this and had “to be famous is so nice suck my dick kiss my ass” scrawled on the wall of their apartment.
Frank Sinatra (zshare)

Avenue D (2D2F EP) – NSFW. From their website: “What happens when you’re a pair of fabulously hot girls (barely old enough to drink) from the moist and pseudo-primordial land of Miami who enjoy the musical strains of rap, freestyle, 80’s New Wave, and punk? Well, if you’re Debbie D. or Daphne D., you have no choice but to morph like a magical, fantastic robot into a volatile, hilarious ghetto booty group called Avenue D.” I couldn’t have said it any better myself.
2D2F (zshare)

Jamie T (Calm Down Dearest B Sides) – Great song. Great lesson. Kill Fox News.
Fox News (zshare)

Salif Keita (Moffou) – This song is so incredibly danceable. It will be stuck in your head all day. and so will the music video, which you should def watch.
Madan (Martin Solveg remix)(zshare)

Royksopp (Royksopp’s Night Out Live EP) – I love both groups so this track is a no brainer. and it’s live, which is the tits.
Go With the Flow (Queens of the Stone Age cover)(zshare)

Theswimmingpools (Ifallinlove100timesaday) – This song isn’t even that old, but somehow the cd got discarded to the back of the office. Fucking hipsters.
I’llsoonbefree (zshare)

(Live EP) – This may be the strangest thing I’ve found in the studio before; there was barely any information about the album and the cd looked like it was burned with just a picture of Robyn playing live and this track.
Since You’ve Been Gone (Kelly Clarkson cover)(zshare)

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