australia is a silly place…

by on January 19, 2008

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so first off, fun times with mr. gillis last night. i feel like people give him a lot of shit, but regardless of your thoughts on his laptop skills, his shows are pretty fun and hilarious.

now on to australia. im guessing some of you have already heard of corey: the 16 year-old aussie wanna-be party promoter who apparently threw a 500 person house party that terrorized his suburban neighborhood and forced police to retreat from the scene for riot gear & reinforcements. well if you haven’t you will now. i just cant get over the fact that this is national headline news in australia.

part 1

part 2

of course, WRMC knows that if you want to throw a 500 person house party, you’re going to need these tracks:

Rock It Out – (UNK versus Phunk-a-delic) (zshare)
You Call It Love – Jean Nipon (zshare)

5 Responses to “australia is a silly place…”

  1. Rachael says:

    i dunno. i’m not sure if i’d be happier if it was real or fake. that kid’s kind of a douche. and do you really think he would refuse to take off his douchey sunglasses on national television?

    more important, do they call it telly in australia like in england? … my mind reels.

  2. eatsquares says:

    it HAS to be real. at least i hope so

  3. genstar. says:

    nipple ring!
    nipple ring!
    nipple ring!

  4. Rachael says:

    i kind of thought it was fake ? … its not fake? no it has to be. it cant be real.

  5. eatsquares says:

    wow that reporter is a huge bitch – he was just throwing a pah-ty.

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