Heads up for the Weekend

by on April 16, 2008

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As you all know, Cake and Mates of State will be performing on Saturday night in Kenyon Arena. Tickets are still available through the box office (or call 802-443-6433) and as far as I know, you can still buy them at the door for a more unreasonable price. But since the concert only goes until 11ish, you’ll need something to do until Pub Safe orders you to dump out your beer and stop chasing cars down College St. at 2am. Cups will be full but space will be tight so shorten your skirt and get on down there lickety split.

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  2. Dakota says:

    that’s the spelling bobby gave me, i just figured it was your artistic license. Obviously there is no spell check as ‘jewett’ is spelled wrong too i guess. who knew.

  3. youngturks says:

    the word is conqueror, not conquerer, sam. doesn’t photoshop have spellcheck? nice pstr tho

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