Wardicus Wednesday #6 – Library Relics

by on September 24, 2008

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In an effort to be remembered as the music managers who finally got the record library under control, Rachael and I have been spending a lot of time going through the stacks trying to figure ways of better organizing the labyrinth. While not actually succeeding and only finding my way out of the depths by firelight fueled by Ben Kweller albums, I did manage to find some relics of an era of music long since passed. Here they are:

Nlogax – Boards of Canada

Boards of Canada released their Hi Scores EP in 1996 before any of their major record releases. While not their first record, it is a nice melding of their (at the time) developing sound with some of their influences such as Warp labelmate Aphex Twin.

MOTR – Trans Am

DC trio and distortion masters Trans Am take simple rock motifs from established bands of the past and expand them. There’s something mechanistic about their songs but in a way that makes you believe that the coming robot revolution may be a good thing.

Charlies Theme – Pastels

The Last Great Wilderness is the final album by C86ers The Pastels. It is the soundtrack for the David Mackenzie movie of the same name. Bleak and distant, it separates itself from The Pastels normal sound in order to recreate the winter highlands of the band’s home as portrayed in the movie. (Also, the movie is pretty good.)

One Beat – Sleater-Kinney

Finding this album apart from other Sleater-Kinney works and refiling it correctly was my personal high point of the work in the library. (Though I realized that people need to play it more and marked it my pick of the month on the shelves in studio.) I remember when the album came out six years ago and, damn, that makes me feel out of touch. At the time I liked it because I was angry and I wanted to rebel and shit and the songs, like, meant something. I still like it because I’m angry but also because every song is perfectly crafted.

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  1. rachael says:

    i love this post so so much. you didnt talk about our discovery of the soundtracks section!!! also, ive played one beat during both my shows. talk about one of my all time faves.

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