Wardicus Wednesdays #8 – Sepomana!

by on April 15, 2009

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This week we’ve got some highlights from Sepomana, which takes place this Friday, the 17th at 9:30. Come early to get into the Sepomana Hangover Event on Saturday in Bunker. Tickets are only 5 bones, and will be sold during dinners and lunches all this week or are available at the only box office,

Headlining the event are electro-punk rawkers, the motherfucking Death Set. This is my favorite of their songs, left off the Sepomana Sampler in the station due to gratuitous profanity. Play this shit loud.

Other famous dude, Tobacco, goes on right before the Death Set. His signature brand of psychedelic electronics are made using pre-digital age equipment.

The trio Ghost Ghost includes Middlebury alums Kevin Peckham and Tim Ireland. Kevin was around back when Sepomana was born 11 years ago and has basically done all soundwork since then until last year when he moved to New York and started his band.

Local group Brown Heir grew up in the county of Addison. Since then they’ve moved to the big city (Burlington) and have been rocking out with their ultra dirty jams. They’re opening, so come early to get your dark groove on.

The first 190 people to show up to Sepomana get to see the Bran Flakes perform at the Bunker the following night. According to their website, “Dancing, new videos, a mini-marching band – and MANY more surprises!!!”

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