Bearcraft Carrier

by on November 11, 2009

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Phillipe just finished producing his second album of dance music. He is very excited to share it with you all. Like last time around, it’s free and easy to download.

Just go here:

Track List:

1) The Children Are The Future
2) Bear to Land Missiles (YSI)
3) Neck Tattoos
4) Step Left, Step Right, Around!
5) Taft Was Sick
6) The Weekend (It’s Got to be Phonkay)
7) I’m Just Floating on Bear
8) Dwarf
9) Throat Babies (YSI)
10) Suns Out, Guns Out
11) ’09
If you like it, please burn it for everyone you know, post it on your blogs, and twitter about it (don’t act like you don’t have one).

The files are uploaded at 192kbps. If anyone would like higher quality files for their own use, just email and he can figure out a way to get you the high quality AIFF’s.

Here is the myspace:

Rock on

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